Happy Again is out TODAY!

Happy Again is out today! 

“Happy Again introduces some new textures to the band’s sound… but the fundamental, classic country, gather-round-the-radio sounds that Bill and the Belles tap into haven’t changed a bit, and neither has their charm.” -No Depression 

“You’ll get a kick out of it. It’s a welcome reprieve from the always raging storms of life.” -Farce the Music 

“The entire production is delightful… Expertly played… Reeks of 60s melodic magic.” -American Highways 

“It’s Americana as dark comedy.” -Tinnitist 

“[Happy Again] delivers lilting, upbeat melodies, excellent harmony vocal work, and a pervasively playful mood.” -Jeff Burger 

Top 50 on the Americana Charts! 

We are thrilled to crack Top 50 on the American Charts with a debut at #41, and to be one of the most added this week nationally! We also made Top 20 on the Alt Country charts. Thank you to all the DJs playing us around the country! 

Y’all, the challenges we faced to put this record out were no joke, yet we persevered and did it and we’re so happy we did!!! As many of these songs were born out of hardship, we hope this record helps provide comfort and a pick me up to those who might be in need of a friend or serve as a reminder that hard times do in fact pass. 

We are so grateful to the community of people that helped make “Happy Again” a fully realized project. Huge thanks to our Producer Teddy Thompson for his expertise, and creative vision and for keeping us directed during such a whirlwind recording session. Our friend who wears all the hats, the amazingly talented Josh Littleton. Jim Price and Bobby Starnes at Hat Creek Recording Company. Our amazingly talented friends who sat in with us Don Eanes on keys and Nicholas Falk on drums. “Happy Again was mixed by the great Ted Young and masterfully mastered by Anna Frick. Thanks to @spitzerspacetelescope for nailing the album art and to Billie Wheeler for supplying great images. The Earnest Tube for loaning us some great vintage gear. And of course the band who dedicated so much time to making “Happy Again” a reality - Kris Truelsen, Kalia Yeagle, Helena Rose, Andrew Small, and Aidan VanSuetendael. Huge thanks to our fans friends and family for their support through it all!!! 

And thanks to everyone who has ordered our merch! It makes all the difference, and will continue to. We look forward to getting back on the road and bringing our music to your town, but until then we are SO HAPPY (again) to share this new album with you! If you haven’t already, be sure to add Happy Again on your streaming platforms, subscribe to us on Youtube so you’ll catch all our videos, and follow us on social media so we can keep you up-to-date on our goings on.