Happy Again” releases THIS Friday!! Pre-order NOW!!

Happy Again comes out THIS FRIDAY 5/16! 

We're mailing out pre-orders this week (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!), and it's not too late to get in on the action! Click here to get your goodies! And watch this message from Kris and Kalia on why you should order this album: 

Have you seen our latest music videos? 

The Boot just premiered this one for Kris's talking blues number, "Sobbin' the Blues." It's a real pick-me-up! Big thanks to our buds at Cosmic Video (Burt Murder and Fanny Gould) for their help with this one and Happy Again (I'll Never Be). They knocked it outta the park! 

Check out this exclusive song premiere for "The Corn Shuckin' Song!" 

Farce the Music says it's "a plain goofy Roger Miller-esque double entendre of a song and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s a welcome reprieve from the always raging storms of life." Heck yeah! Read more and listen here

People are already talking about this new album, and we're so grateful for the support! We can't wait to share another video with you ~soon~ and to release the full album this Friday! This project has been a longtime coming, and we are READY!