Bill and the Belles' Old Time Breakdown (Nov. 2016)

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  • REFLECTIONS: Autumn has been good to us! We got to visit some of our favorite regional fall festivals (Home Craft Days and Tennessee Fall Homecoming). We did that whirlwind conference tour of AmericanaFest and International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass, got our first Rolling Stone write-up (!), and brought Farm and Fun Time on the road. Just this week we hosted another Farm and Fun Time with the incredible Dom Flemons and the Sunny Mountain Serenaders. And we got to guest host another fine specimen of contemporary variety radio: the Floyd Radio Show! We love Floyd, VA and had a ball working up jingles and skits with the fine team running things there at the Floyd Country Store. Lucky for you, all of these radio shows will get archived and transformed into podcasts, so you can take Farm and Fun Time and the Floyd Radio Show with you anywhere! Stay tuned for more on that.  
  • BIG NEWS: We’re headed to Folk Alliance in 2017! We’re honored to have been selected as an official showcase artist, and look forward to coming back to Kansas! "Little Apple" Karl is particularly giddy. 
  • NEW VIDEO ALERT! Big thanks to our new Johnson City Symphony friends and Erin Dalton for collaborating on this special project, and to the good folks at Radio Bristol for documenting a part of it! We're definitely going to have to do this again. Check it out here: "When You Wore A Tulip"
  • NEW T-SHIRTS: Have you visited the Bill and the Belles General Store lately? There you'll find all sorts of goodies including CDs, songbooks with our "Wax Cylinder Sessions," postcards and totes with custom Buffalo Street Print Co. design, stickers, and our first batch of (limited run!) t-shirts! Get yours now online here: 
  • ESPECIALLY SPECIAL UPCOMING SHOW #1: If you’ll be anywhere near Bristol TN/VA on December 9th, go ahead and secure your ticket to the Farm and Fun Time Christmas Spectacular featuring Larry Sparks. Bill and the Belles loves the holiday season, and we really love hearing Larry Sparks do Christmas. Tune in at if you can’t be there! 
  • ESPECIALLY SPECIAL UPCOMING SHOW #2: It’s time for the second annual Johnson City Jingle Bell Jamboree! This is bound to be one of our favorite shows of the year, featuring some of the best old time musicians the Southeast has to offer. See you at the Willow Tree in Johnson City December 10th! 

Thank you so much for supporting live music! We believe in the power of music to do good and we know you do too. Hope to see you soon!