Nashville to Asheville, with a little time travel in between...

Man, oh, man you guys! This past week was just the best!

It all started Wednesday morning, when we hopped in the van and made a beeline for Franklin, TN. We were on our way to MUSIC CITY ROOTS!!!!!
...and Music City Roots did not disappoint. Not only were the staff easygoing, accommodating, and so talented, but the other bands on the bill that night were amazing! The lineup was eclectic and varied. John Whelan kicked off the show and brought the house down! We went second and enjoyed an enthusiastic and wildly supportive audience (two standing ovations! Can you believe it?). Hailing all the way from Boston, Girls Guns and Glory lit up the stage with their super combination of Honky Tonk Country and early Rock and Roll. Next, Chester Thompson's jazz stylings entranced everyone within earshot, injecting energy right before the headliner took it all home. Blackberry Smoke were every bit the tantamount entertainers we expected them to be!

If the night wasn't amazing enough already, we had the opportunity to share the stage with Girls, Guns and Glory at the Kimbro's Cafe afterparty. A few of us even got some two-stepping in.

The next day we got some serious rehearsing done in anticipation of the evening. We recorded an EP! Not only that, but we got the chance to step back in time and record our EP in the way that many of our Old-Time heroes did, on CYLINDER!

We all gathered around this giant cone and waited for the scratch of the cylinder cutter to eminate back out at us.
our new friend Martin Fisher was at the helm, and we were in good hands! This guy has some astonishingly beautiful equipment! We were like kids in a candy store.
With every track we cut we felt closer and closer to our source material. It was a magical experience!

One late night drive from Nashville back to Johnson City, two dvds, and a much needed day off later, we were on our way to Asheville, NC in our good old ride, the Mothership.
The Grey Eagle Music Hall is such a great venue. The Taqueria has fantastic food, the sound is fantastic, it's a fantastic space, and the beer selection is fantastic. Fantastic! We had a super time splitting the bill with our Bristol buddies Folk Soul Revival! Asheville was friendly and fun. All in all, it was a beautiful end to a week that we'll all remember forever.
Thanks to all the music lovers who came out to see us! Thanks to the staffs of Music City Roots and the Grey Eagle Music Hall! Thanks especially to Martin Fisher for making one of our wildest dreams, recording on cylinder like our idols, come true. Things are good!