New York Frame of Mind...

We just had a fantastic mini tour visiting friends, and meeting new ones! We took off on Thursday and made a beeline for the Baltimore area.
We had a wonderful time performing a "studio" concert at the Patuxent Studio in Rockville, MD. We played two great sets and then had a blast looking through Sam's collection of old 78s!

The next day, after a quick rehearsal and a delicious breakfast, we hit the road up to the Big Apple! We rolled into Brooklyn and had the great honor of sharing the bill with the Nightingale Trio and the Downhill Strugglers. After our sets we all headed to the pub next door to celebrate our friend, Eli Smith's birthday. What a great night!

After a brief but harrowing adventure into Manhattan in search of soup dumplings, We got back on the road. We made a great new friend in Richard Wiell, a musician and gracious house-concert host. He really rolled out the red carpet for us. We are so appreciative.
On the way home, we had the incredible privilege of meeting with Mr. Joe Bussard and having a listen through several of his rare pristine 78 recordings! It was a GOOD weekend.

We can't wait to do it all again this week. We'll be at Music City Roots in Franklin, TN on Wednesday night! Come out Nashville! We can't wait to see you! We'll have these little hitchhikers in tow: