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The Boot Premiers New Single, “Never Get Along With You” 



JOHNSON CITY, TN. -- April 17, 2019 -- Bill and the Belles is back with another single and music video from their analog session at Bigtone Records! It premieres today exclusively on The Boot: CLICK TO READ!

A supremely direct and lonesome tune, "Never Get Along With You" was, in the words of guitarist Kris Truelsen, intended to get straight to the point. "It's a bitter country ballad that searches for answers following heartbreak," he says.  

"It felt good to write," Truelsen adds, "and was certainly transformative to sing."


Musicians: Kris Truelsen (guitar), Helena Hunt (banjo), Kalia Yeagle (fiddle), Andrew Small (bass), Jon Atkinson (drums), Andrew J Fletcher (piano) Personnel: 

Engineers: Jon Atkinson, Danny Michel 

Filmed by: Josh Littleton 

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Kalia Yeagle  


New Single + Video! 


Bill and the Belles Releases “That’ll Be Just Fine” 
Latest single marks new chapter for the band, bigger sound 

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Kalia Yeagle   

Visit The Bluegrass Situation's premiere here:

JOHNSON CITY, TN. -- March 6, 2019 -- In many ways, this latest single marks a new chapter for Johnson City, TN-based stringband, Bill and the Belles: A bigger, moodier, more decade-ambiguous American sound. The instrumental backdrop has grown; stride piano, and a laid-back groove set by drums and bass lay the foundation for the core mix of banjo, fiddle, and guitar. The trio's signature vocals shine, with a nod toward early R&B and girl group pop vocal arrangements--think early Sam Phillips-era Sun Records meets the Shangri-Las. Penned by Kris Truelsen, the song talks of someone weary of life and looking to move on, resolved to take whatever changes may come. 

Fans have come to expect direct, refreshing songs and music videos from Johnson City-based stringband, Bill and the Belles. And their latest single, “That’ll Be Just Fine,” definitely delivers. It was recorded analog, straight-to-tape, with Bristol, VA’s Big Tone Records, a studio that specializes in recording in true 40s and 50s fashion. The warmth and depth of tape really suit Bill and the Belles, who have always preferred to record live in one room and are no strangers to alternative vintage recording methods. In the glow of fluorescent lights in an unmarked building in Southwest Virginia, the Big Tone Records studio accomplishes something remarkable: it captures the atmosphere of a 50s R&B recording session, with legitimacy. Each microphone, each piece of furniture, even the clock on the wall carries a story, and with “That’ll Be Just Fine,” Bill and the Belles carry the narrative forward. The Bluegrass Situation premiered the video, and the track is currently streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Video can be viewed on Facebook (CLICK ME) and YouTube (CLICK ME).  


Bill and the Belles’ 2018 debut album, “DreamSongs, Etc.” was a critical hit praised by No Depression as, “what may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music,” and named to the UK’s Country Music People’s Top 10 Albums of 2018. The band began as a project to explore the space created between hillbilly and urban, between vaudeville and down home, but has arrived somewhere new. Bill and the Belles bring to the stage an uplifting show unlike any other, full of humor, high spirits, and all-around revelry. Nominated for 2017 and 2018 IBMA awards, Bill and the Belles play alongside America’s top country and roots music artists (including Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, Hot Rize, the Cactus Blossoms, the Earls of Leicester, and more) as the house band for the historic radio program Farm and Fun Time presented by Radio Bristol. It’s clear this group shares a rare musical connection and deep love for the music, and their excitement is contagious.   

Musicians: Kris Truelsen (guitar), Helena Hunt (banjo), Kalia Yeagle (fiddle), Andrew Small (bass), Jon Atkinson (drums), Andrew J Fletcher (piano) 
Engineers: Jon Atkinson and Danny Michel 
Filmed by: Josh Littleton 

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News + Wintergrass Recap 


  • We’re releasing a new single and video this Wednesday, “That’ll Be Just Fine.” Keep an eye on our Facebook page ( for the accompanying video, and make sure you’re following us on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. We’ve been in the studio recording a number of singles, and we look forward to releasing them in upcoming months! 


  • As of this weekend, we played further west than ever before! What a treat to nestle in Seattle, WA for a weekend with the good folks at Wintergrass Music Festival!  
  • Of all our sets, our favorite was probably Saturday night’s dance set. Nothing beats the energy feedback you get from people moving to your music, and we took the opportunity to unveil a lot of new material. That morning we also had a great conversation about our approach to “stringband” music, and how genre words are funny and sometimes limiting (early country, old time, stringband, roots, Americana, folk, popular, rural, urban...). It was great to have a roomful of people take a dive into our nutty heads to see how we make our musical decisions. Thanks for your courage! 
  • It was fun to see so many buds, including Jonathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys, Fireside Collective, and we even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with the one-and-only Nico Humby (check his work out at Next time we vow to make time for seeking seafood! 


  • We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest this June for an amazing week teaching at Voice Works at Centrum in Port Townsend, WA, joining fellow artists including Peter Rowan, Eva Salina, and Jefferson Hamer. Learn more about their wonderful programming here:  


Hope to see you soon! Keep supporting live music. 
-Bill and the Belles

New Music Video! “Smile, It’s Christmas” 

Bill and the Belles announce new music video, “Smile, It’s Christmas” 

Don’t get it wrong, Bill and the Belles love the holidays. They live for gatherings of family and friends, snow days, sparkles and cheer, as evidenced by their 4th year hosting the Johnson City Jingle Bell Jamboree (a holiday roots music review) and their annual holiday music videos that come out each December. But this year’s video is different: “Smile, It’s Christmas” reminds us that the holidays ain’t just eggnog and mistletoe. Sometimes the world loudly expects joy and cheer when you just don’t have any to give. Written by Kris Truelsen, “Smile, It’s Christmas” delivers downbeat material in an upbeat way, with the ironic wit of Roger Miller and a vocal arrangement nodding toward Phil Spector-level lushness. Fans of Bill and the Belles know the band’s knack for making simple, refreshing music videos, and “Smile, It’s Christmas” definitely delivers: against a peppermint backdrop, the trio toys with contrasts, giving viewers a little bitter with their sweet. 

“Smile, It’s Christmas” also marks the debut of banjo player and singer Helena Hunt in Bill and the Belles. From Waynesville, North Carolina, Hunt grew up steeped in traditional music and went through the region’s Junior Appalachian Musicians program. Currently attending East Tennessee State University studying Biology and Old Time music, Helena is a wonderful vocalist, a force on the banjo and banjo ukulele, and a total delight to watch and hear.  

Watch Bill and the Belles’ “Smile, It’s Christmas” below: 

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BONUS! Merry Christmas, Bill and the Belles! 

“DreamSongs, Etc.” was named to Country Music People’s Top Ten Albums of the Year! What a treat! “So many fantastic albums I could have put in this list, I decided this was worthy of a place, though. Just so different to everything else here, refreshing to hear and Wedding Bell Chimes was probably the video of the year!” Big thanks to Radio host Dave Watkins for the love, and for everyone who’s bought and listened to our album this year! 

Fall Updates from Bill and the Belles 

It has been a big few months of release shows celebrating our latest album on Jalopy Records, “DreamSongs, Etc.” We’re grateful to have shared it with so many of you! If you don’t have a copy yet, visit our webstore. We’ve also got a sampling of other fun goods that make for excellent holiday gift-giving! Your support makes all the difference! 

Here’s what the press has had to say about “DreamSongs, Etc.” 

  • No Depression: “Bill and the Belles showcase with their debut album, DreamSongs, Etc., what may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music.” “...a fresh, pop spin that emphasizes the simplicity and beauty of the music.” 
  • Now It’s Nashville: “Equal parts traditional folk, vaudevillian and meta-modern aughts entertainment, Bill and Belles put on a show that is sure to stand the test of time, much like the acts that preceded them, and perhaps the ones to follow.” 
  • Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association: “Charming. Deeply charming. That is the essence of this full-length debut by Bill and the Belles, Dream Songs, Etc.”  

Read more: 

UP NEXT: Bill and the Belles is headed to Deutschland! In just a few days we’re flying to Germany for a month! We’ll be playing a marathon of 23 shows with The Brother Brothers and Jeff Scroggins & Colorado as part of the European Bluegrass Jamboree. If you’ve got any Deutsch buds send them our way! See for details. 

This trip marks a new chapter for Bill and the Belles as our first European tour, and also as Grace’s last tour with the band. We thank her for her years of hard work and great performances, not to mention her amazing contributions as a graphic designer. You can keep up with her over at her page: We know you’ve been touched by her music and humor, and we hope you’ll join us in wishing her continued success! 

Thank you, as always, for supporting live music! We hope to see you soon! Wish us "Gute Fahrt!"

-Bill und die Belles


“DreamSongs, Etc.” OUT TODAY! 

“DreamSongs, Etc.” is OUT TODAY! 

“Bill and the Belles showcase with their debut album, Dream Songs, Etc., what may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music.” 
-No Depression 


Apple Music: 



Buy a physical copy:



Now It’s Nashville: “Equal parts traditional folk, vaudevillian and meta-modern aughts entertainment, Bill and Belles put on a show that is sure to stand the test of time, much like the acts that preceded them, and perhaps the ones to follow.”

No Depression: “Bill and the Belles showcase with their debut album, DreamSongs, Etc., what may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music.”

“Dream Songs, Etc., stands as a beautifully engineered reflection back to the charming sounds of vintage roots music that provides new reflections on life and, as visually experienced through their two music video releases (see below), a fresh, pop spin that emphasizes the simplicity and beauty of the music.”

Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association: “Charming. Deeply charming. That is the essence of this full-length debut by Bill and the Belles, Dream Songs, Etc.” 

“This is not the ‘old, weird America’ as Greil Marcus famously termed the music collected by Harry Smith. This is the ‘sweet, gentle America.’”

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: “Finger Pointin’ Mama” 


“Taking influence from old-school jazz, blues, and folk, the playful tune is a callback to the foundations of roots music and the timeless lessons that come with them. It's a sweet and sincere piece of work that perfectly captures what Bill and the Belles are about in a song. The accompanying video ups the charm tenfold, conveying the band's effortlessly enchanting style and sound that much further in its composition.”


Album Release Tour Dates Announced 


Lo ts of fun shows coming up with the release of “DreamSongs, Etc.” just around the corner! A few *super special* shows we want you to know about (and come to): 

As always, keep an eye on our website calendar ( and “like” us on Facebook ( to stay in the loop!

Pre-Order "DreamSongs, Etc." 

CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of "DreamSongs, Etc."! You'll get first access to our singles (including "Wedding Bell Chimes," as featured in American Songwriter) and on release day, you get a digital download of the entire album and your hard copy goes in the mail! 

Have you seen our latest music video? WATCH "WEDDING BELL CHIMES" HERE and pre-order the album to get a download of the single! 

August is just around the corner, and we can't wait to get this album out to the world! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to stay connected, and keep an eye on our tour calendar! Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows: 

7/20 Radio Bristol Fund Drive! ( 

7/21 R.A. Fountain Store (Fountain, NC) 

7/28 RockyGrass (Lyons, CO) 

8/4 Pickin in Parsons (Parsons, WV) 

8/5 Bonefire Smokehouse (Abingdon, VA) 

8/9 Farm and Fun Time (Bristol, VA) 

8/10 Milton's (St. Paul, VA) 

8/11 Ken's Backyard Concert (Baltimore, MD) 

8/14 5 Spot (Nashville, TN) 

8/15 Tennessee Shines (Knoxville, TN) 

8/16 Blackthorn Club (Jonesborough, TN) 

8/17 The Down Home (Johnson City, TN) LOCAL ALBUM RELEASE SHOW 

8/18 Workhouse Arts Center (Lorton, VA) 

8/24 Jalopy Theater (Brooklyn, NY) OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE SHOW 

8/25 The Hoot (Olivebridge, NY) 

8/26 Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association (Rhinebeck, NY) 

8/30 Naumkeag at Night (Stockbridge, MA) 

9/1 Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival (Woodstown, NJ) 

9/8 Old Tone Roots Music Festival (North Hillsdale, NY) 

9/9 Sunday Concert Series (New Haven, CT) 

9/15 Crossing the Cumberlands Festival (Hilham, TN) 

9/16 Brews and Tunes (Jonesborough, TN) 

9/20-23 Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion (Bristol, TN/VA) 

9/25-28 IBMA World of Bluegrass (Raleigh, NC) 

9/28 Wide Open Bluegrass, StreetFest (Raleigh, NC) 

9/29 Dust Bowl Jamboree (Kansas City, MO) 


Bill and The Belles Announce Debut Album DreamSongs, Etc. 
American Songwriter Premieres First Single, “Wedding Bell Chimes” 

Today, Bill and The Belles announce their first full-length studio album, DreamSongs, Etc. From the foothills of Blue Ridge in Johnson City, Tennessee, Bill and The Belles captivate fans with rich vocal harmonies and simple catchy melodies, built on a strong foundation of love for early American music. The forthcoming album, recorded in just two days inside a beautiful old farmhouse in the rolling hills of Southeast Virginia, is set for release on August 24, 2018 on Jalopy Records. Along with the official album announcement, the video for the album’s first single, “Wedding Bell Chimes” premiered exclusively on American Songwriter today. Bill and The Belles are currently touring the East Coast and will appear at RockyGrass, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, and IBMA (full dates below). DreamSongs, Etc. is available for pre-order today. 

Read complete press release here: "Bill and the Belles Announce DreamSongs, Etc." 

Media Contact: 
Sarah Bennett 
(706) 892-7367 



On release day (August 24th), we'll put your CD in the mail and give you an instant digital download of the entire album! Shop here: 

Tour Dates: 
July 1 – Abingdon, VA – Bonefire Smokehouse 
July 2 – Asheville, NC – Grey Eagle with CW Stoneking 
July 4 – Bristol, TN – Border Bash 
July 6 -- Memphis, TN 
July 7 – Mountain View, AR – Ozark Folk Center 
July 12 – Bristol, TN – Birthplace of Country Music 
July 13 – Johnson City, TN – Founders After Five 
July 21 – Fountain, NC – R.A. Fountain 
July 28 – Lyons, CO – Rockygrass 
Aug 4 – Parsons, WV – Pickin' In Parsons 
Aug 5 – Abingdon, VA – Bonefire Smokehouse 
Aug 9 - Bristol, VA - Birthplace of Country Music 
Aug 10 – St. Paul, VA – Milton's 
Aug 11 – Baltimore, MD – Ken’s Backyard Concert 
Aug 12 – Johnson City, TN – Music in the Park 
Aug 14 – Nashville, TN – 5 Spot 
Aug 15 – Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Shines 
Aug 16 – Jonesborough, TN – Blackthorn Club 
Aug 17 – Johnson City, TN – Down Home (LOCAL ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) 
Aug 18 -- Fairfax, VA 
Aug 24 – Brooklyn, NY – Jalopy Theater (OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) 
Aug 25 – Olivebridge, NY – The Hoot 
Aug 26 -- Rhinebeck, NY -- HVBA Concert 
Aug 30 -- Stockbridge, MA -- Naumkeag at Night 
Sept 1 – Woodstown, NJ – Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival 
Sept 7 – North Hillsdale, NY – The Old Tone Roots Music Festival 
Sept 9 – New Haven, CT – Second Sunday Concert Series 
Sept 13 – Bristol, TN – Birthplace of Country Music 
Sept 14 -- Hilham, TN 
Sept 16 – Jonesborough, TN – Brews and Tunes 
Sept 21 – Bristol, VA – Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion 
Sept 25 – Raleigh, NC – IBMA 
Sept 29 – Kansas City, MO – Dust Bowl Jamboree 
Oct 5 – St. Paul, VA – Milton's 
Oct 6 – Johnson City, TN – Studio One (WETS) 
Oct 6 -- Clintwood, VA -- Ralph Stanley Museum 

Thank you so much for supporting live music! We believe in the power of music to do good and we know you do too. Hope to see you soon! 

Bill and the Belles