NEW SONGBOOK RELEASE (plus Knoxville Stomp recap)

Join us in celebrating the two driving forces of early American popular music: the songbook and the phonograph! We’ve just released a songbook featuring original artwork and sheet music for our rendition of “Swallowtail Coat.” With purchase of a songbook, you get a digital download code for our “Wax” Cylinder Sessions. Remember when we recorded into that big ol’ cone with cylinder expert Martin Fisher back in January? We’ve since learned that modern cylinders aren’t typically made out of wax; they’re actually soap! In any case, these sessions present old familiar melodies in a less-familiar way, the way they were first encountered by turn-of-the-century audiences. Songbooks can be purchased online at, or in person at our shows.
We had one heck of a good time at the Knoxville Stomp last weekend! It was chock full of live music, films, speakers, workshops, and a record show all in celebration of Knoxville's musical history. Kris hosted an impressive bunch of musicians live on Radio Bristol, set up in the storefront of Pioneer House. We’re especially excited to see the video from these sessions, because the setting was undeniably cool. 

Kris with Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings

Kris also got his first professional haircut in 15 years backstage at the Knoxville Stomp Market Square stage. The one-and-only Cindy Lou from Chop Shop did a fantastic job, and we think he looks like Charlie Poole (Grace called him Charlie Poolsen for a day). The folks running the Stomp did a superb job, and we’re crossing our fingers for similar events in the future. It was incredible to have so many likeminded old-time musicians and supporters in one place, and we're grateful we could be a part of it. Thanks for the incredible weekend, Knox Stomp! 

As usual, keep an eye on our calendar for a complete list of upcoming shows.
Here are a few special shows that we want you to know about: 

5.18 Tennessee Shines Radio Show (Knoxville, TN) 
5.20 Founders After Five (Johnson City, TN) 
5.28 Floyd Country Store (Floyd, VA) 
6.3 Seedtime on the Cumberland (Whitesburg, KY) 
6.4 Pennington Festival (Princeton, KY)

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