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The Bluegrass Situation:“They’re a joy to watch live, and we bet you can’t make it through their set without smiling.” 

No Depression: “Bill and the Belles showcase with their debut album, DreamSongs, Etc., what may be the most innovative modern interpretation of vintage roots music.”

“Dream Songs, Etc., stands as a beautifully engineered reflection back to the charming sounds of vintage roots music that provides new reflections on life and, as visually experienced through their two music video releases (see below), a fresh, pop spin that emphasizes the simplicity and beauty of the music.”

Pop Matters -  "Bill and the Belles' brand of Americana oftentimes feels like it's turning back the hands of time with their charming vintage sound"

Rolling Stone -  "Bill and the Belles is committed to helping early country music remain appreciated – not just replicated."

Now It’s Nashville: “Equal parts traditional folk, vaudevillian and meta-modern aughts entertainment, Bill and Belles put on a show that is sure to stand the test of time, much like the acts that preceded them, and perhaps the ones to follow.”

Bluegrass Today - Bill and the Belles demonstrate unique modern mastery of the pre-bluegrass sound...their music has a freshness and vitality that has won fans in the bluegrass, old time, and acoustic country communities."

Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association: “Charming. Deeply charming. That is the essence of this full-length debut by Bill and the Belles, Dream Songs, Etc.” 

“This is not the ‘old, weird America’ as Greil Marcus famously termed the music collected by Harry Smith. This is the ‘sweet, gentle America.’”

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